writer & visual artist

Kelly Bryan is a writer and visual artist based in the UK.

She uses the physicality of photography to poetically explore intangible narratives. She often peers through a phenomenological lens to question themes including belonging, domestic structures and relationships.


Alongside fine-art and documentary photography, Bryan is an avid writer with a broad range of professionalism in commercial, art-based and journalistic writing.

Bryan is currently working as a freelance content creator for:

Coventry University

 Loupe Magazine

#Photography Magazine

She has also completed an editorial internship at Fenice Media.


Bryan is the founder of Art Link; an online platform which aims to bridge the gap between young creatives and paid opportunities in the creative industry. After personal experience and feedback from other practitioners, Bryan became aware of the difficult transition from unpaid or voluntary work into paid roles within the creative sector, often leaving creatives underpaid and feeling undervalued. In response, Bryan founded Art Link in June 2020 which helps these individuals strive and secure the paid work they deserve through motivating, inspirational and informative content written by creatives currently making an income from the art industry. 


Photography Features

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  • Photograd Graduate Showcase, 2020

  • Arty Party Integrate Exhibition, Coventry

  • FotoClasse exhibition, Madrid

  • LAHAD Exhibition, Coventry

  • Emerging Art, Emerging Place Exhibition

  • Drapers Bar and Kitchen Solo Exhibition, Coventry

  • Coventry Evening Telegraph Exhibition

  • The Story Behind The Face Exhibition, Coventry (self-curated exhibition)

  • Equality and Diversity Exhibition, Coventry

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Writing Features

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