Oh Mag Commission.

Commissioned photograph and 150 word accompaniment for Oh Mag.

Home with Mum

Photograph and words by Kelly Bryan

Mornings with my Mum are special. We both wake to the cheerful song of birds and the sun peering over nearby buildings. We turn to one another and discuss the mystical dreams we had the night before and delight in the day ahead, blissfully filled with nothingness. The conversation is accompanied by steaming tea – black for me, extra milky for Mum. We sit and admire the new day; ten minutes pass and we haven’t spoken a word. Her presence is comforting enough. She stares into the distance; I can only imagine the thoughts twirling in her mind. I interrupt the silence and ask if I can take her photograph; she turns and smiles. I wait a few seconds until she resumes her natural state and capture the moment. It’s these inconsequential mornings that I cherish, the ones I will remember with a smile; mornings with my Mother are a reminder of our unconditional love.

Image taken on 35mm film | Olympus OM

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